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Interpreting and Oral Translation Services in the Region of Murcia

As an ex-Royal Air Force fully-qualified interpreter in Spanish and with many years’ experience living and working in Spain and Argentina, Julian also provides English-Spanish interpreting and oral translation services to British and English-speaking residents, non-resident property owners and visitors in the Region of Murcia, Southern Spain.

All subject areas are covered, as is the entire, physical Region of Murcia.  Interpreting and oral translation support for personal admin, liaison with Government Departments and conveyancing are specialties.

The service provided is friendly and customer-focused at realistic, affordable rates and with a genuine desire to help and seek desired solutions and outcomes.

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Interpreting Rates

Hourly rates for interpreting are intentionally kept low to provide an affordable service for all:

  • First hour - €15.00 per hour

  • Second hour - €10.00 per hour

  • Subsequent hours - €10.00 per hour

  • Travel to and from the interpreting site - €10.00 per hour

Part hours from zero to 30 minutes are charged at €5.00 per hour.

Part hours from 30 to 59 minutes are charged at the full hourly rate.

A nominal parking fee of €5.00 is also charged as appropriate.

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