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Audio Transcription Rates

Transcription is charged per minute of audio recording.

In the interests of ease of understanding and invoicing, a single rate is applied across the board irrespective of the transcription service level requested.

Delivery of completed transcript within 5 working days

  • Intelligent Verbatim - £0.90 Per Audio Minute

  • Strict Verbatim - £0.90 Per Audio Minute

Poor quality recordings

  • £1.80 per audio minute for both Intelligent Verbatim and Strict Verbatim.

Please note that the single rate per audio minute applies to both one to one and group dialogue, irrespective of the number of participants.

In such cases where audio quality is considered sufficiently poor for the higher rate per audio minute to apply, this fact will be clearly communicated to the customer prior to project commencement in order that a decision may be taken.

NB - As I am registered for VAT in Spain, please note that no VAT is payable for intra-Community transactions.

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