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Recording tips for audio transcription

“A quality transcript begins with a quality recording”

dictaphone closeup of a red record butto

Your recording device

Ensure it is fully functional and actually recording! Try a dry run. Testing, testing, 1-2-3!

Can everyone be heard?

Ensure all participants can be heard at roughly the same, acceptable volume level.

Microphone on stage against a background
Airplane flying at low altitude over a h

Background noise?

Try to keep background noise to an absolute minimum.

Speak clearly and one at a time

Try to avoid participants speaking over each other or interrupting too much!

vintage horn speaker for public relation

Avoid rooms with significant echo

Echoey voices are the sworn enemy of the fastidious transcriber!

Limit the length of each audio file to between 45 and 60 minutes

Certainly not a mandatory requirement, but we transcriptionists prefer multiple audio files of shorter duration as opposed to one three-hour file.  It's a psychological thing!

cat taking a quick power nap on laptop_e

Any additional information, which may enhance the quality of the final transcript such as subject matter, participants’ names, place names etc, is always most welcome!

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