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Vintage inscription made by old typewrit

"Quality, kept promises, communication and Customer focus"


  1. Following initial contact by telephone, email or website contact form and discussion between the prospective customer and Julian Parkes Audio Transcriptions, hereafter referred to as JPAT, JPAT is to confirm the cost of the project, the agreed service levels and delivery deadline in writing by email.

  2. The customer is to confirm acceptance of the cost of the project, the agreed service levels and delivery deadline in writing by return email in order that work on the project in question may commence.

  3. Prior to project commencement, the customer is also to provide JPAT with the full name of the entity and/or person as appropriate, the registered postal address plus the relevant telephone numbers and email addresses for correspondence and invoicing purposes.

  4. Audio files and confidential information relevant to the project are to be forwarded strictly via a secure encrypted file sharing facility only, for which a unique, secure link to will be provided by JPAT to the customer´s email address.

  5. Completed transcripts are to be delivered electronically to the customer via secure, encrypted file transfer as facilitated by JPAT.  Hard paper copies of completed transcripts may be forwarded to the customer by conventional post if required with all postage costs invoiced to the customer.

  6. A proofreading service by JPAT to ensure optimum quality of the transcripts delivered is included in the audio transcription charges detailed on the JPAT webpage.

  7. Any quality issues ore errors noted and reported by the customer to JPAT within ten working days will be corrected free of charge.

  8. Payment in full is required by BACS within ten working days of receipt of completed transcripts.

  9. Projects completed for persons and entities registered outside Spain are exempt VAT.

  10. Interest of 3% per month will be charged on all unpaid invoices.

  11. The audio file, all information contained therein plus any additional information provided as background or essential data in order to complete the required audio transcription process will remain within the secure and confidential electronic business environment of JPAT, except in exceptional circumstances where data may be shared in encrypted format with selected, trusted partner-transcriptionists, who apply the same stringent controls with regard to data protection in their own audio transcription environments.  Once the audio transcription process is complete, all data is duly deleted.  Hard, paper copy of information is not produced at any time unless specifically requested by the customer as an end product.

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