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The Green Dog Band
"Los Perros Verdes"

The Green Dog Band, "Los Perros Verdes" in Spanish, are a power trio based in the Region of Murcia, Southern Spain. The Band comprises Graeme Park - Lead guitar / Vocals, Mark Foster -Bass / Lead Vocals and Julian Parkes - Drums. Graeme, Mark and Julian have a vast amount of experience playing in a myriad of bands over the years and gigging extensively in the UK, Europe, The Middle East and South America. The Band’s set comprises of a sumptuous blend of pop, rock and lashings of good ol' rock n roll. Check us out! We guarantee  you won't be able to keep off the dance floor!

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Graeme Park - Lead guitar and vocals

Julian Parkes - Drums and backing vocals

Mark Foster - Bass and lead vocals


For all enquiries and bookings, please call Julian on: +34 660 91 76 38 (tanto inglés como español).