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Audio Transcription Turnaround Time

"True excellence is rarely the consequence of haste!"

In the interests of providing a superlative quality product, there is just one turnaround time as follows:

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5-Day Service Par Excellence

Delivery of completed transcript within 5 working days of receipt of audio file.

There is however an additional service level for the transcription of poor quality recordings which others may not wish to attempt!

All standard recording formats, such as DSS, WAV, WMA, MP3, AIF, Vox, Olympus, Sony Recorder Formats are fully supported.  Less common formats can normally be converted to a workable audio file type.

Audio Transcription Service Levels

"True to your Word"

There are two audio transcription service levels which may be requested:

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Intelligent verbatim (strongly recommended!)

Conversation filler words such as “so”, “like” “you know”, “kind of”, “sort of” and false starts are omitted from the transcript to provide a verbatim, yet infinitely more readable documented record of the audio material.

This is the highly recommended service level for the vast majority of transcripts, which will still be a bona fide record of the spoken word, but eminently more readable.


Strict verbatim

The recorded material is transcribed exactly as spoken with the exception of “umms” and “ahhs”, though these may be included if this is deemed an essential requirement.

Strict verbatim is invariably requested only where this is indeed a special requirement of the customer.

Spoken grammatical imperfections may also be corrected, once again if this is deemed an essential requirement to the completed transcript.

Remember there is also a rate for the transcription of poor quality recordings which others may not wish to attempt!

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